Reading & screen schedule 2018


Barad, Karen. (2007). Meeting the Universe Halfway: quantum physics and the entanglement of matter and meaning. Durham: Duke University Press.

Lykke, Nina. (2018, forthcoming). When death cuts apart: On affective difference, compassionate companionship and lesbian widowhood. In Affective Inequalities in Intimate Relationships. New York, London: Routledge.


Collective submission to the Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition Relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Public protest ‘read-in’ of Behrouz Boochani’s (Trans. Omid Tofighian) No Friend But the Mountains as part of the National Day of Action by Academics for Refugees.


February 9 & 16, 2018: ACCA Round-table ‘read-in’ as part of ‘Unfinished Business: perspectives on art and feminism’.


August 2018, Composting @ 4S. EcoFeminist Fridays will present at the 4S conference in Sydney alongside Composting Feminisms: Feminisms & the environmental humanities reading group.

Guest speakers/readers/listeners:

February 2018: Professor Emerita of Gender Studies Nina Lykke from Linköping University, Sweden, on affective inequalities, lesbian widowhood and writing academic texts differently.


May 3rd 2018:

Feldman, John (Director). (2018). Symbiotic Earth: How Lynn Margulis Rocked the Boat and Started a Scientific Revolution. Spencertown, New York: Hummingbird Films.

(Screening by Melbourne School of Design, B117 Theatre, University of Melbourne main campus)




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