We are writers, artists, thinkers, curators and more. We take reading as a mode of commitment to situated dialogue, ethics and as a dynamic basis for art-activisms of all kinds …

We read as a collective. We read books cover-to-cover. Nothing is skipped. We go slow to go deep. It takes as long as it takes.

We seek to make queer, anti-colonial ecofeminist tracks into libraries, galleries and classrooms by taking seriously, and enacting, the citational politics articulated by Sara Ahmed (‘Making Feminist Points’ 2013).

We do not read to escape the world. But, drawing on the powerful words of Deborah Bird Rose (‘Slowly 2010), we read because it pulls us into intimate ethical proximity to specific worldly situations, contexts and encounters.

If, as Kate Rigby writes (‘Writing in the Anthropocene’ 2009), idle chatter dulls the ethical imagination, slow reading might offer an antidote, among many others.

We do need time to read. To break down ideas. To breakdown inside of ideas. To recognise connections, mutualisms, relations and tensions.

We do need time to think, to learn and unlearn. To get lost. To dream. To wonder. To wander. To contest. To counter cultures of fragmentation, isolation and separation.

We need time to reckon with our inheritances: the violent and the vibrant, the oppressed and oppressive, the static and the fugitive. We need time to learn how to own these inheritances, how to live with these inheritances.

But first, we need to know what those inheritances are. This takes time.

Our project is open-ended. There are no deadlines. There is nothing to pre-prepare. Just come prepared to be challenged and surprised. Reading is an intellectual adventure.

We meet each week for two hours. We read from the history of critical ecological feminist thinking. We diffract these texts with poetry, novellas, short stories and films.

Come, read along and read aloud, sit, listen, absorb.

email: ecofeministfridays@gmail.com for more information


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